i see – you’ve been to the place where i like to go most,
i see-you have placed your toes in the warm sand and opened up your mouth to catch the drops from heaven.

tell me – how does it feel to be the subject of my longing?

i have been there under the starry sky well past midnight and care,
dawn creeping out on me before i knew to be prepared for beauty and despair,
tasting the world in the early hours of crisp air and descending leaves of fog.

and now i dip my tongue in the still waters of your coaxing eyes.
i stretch my arms just wide enough to touch the dreams that i dare not dream-
touch you. i’ve fallen into insanity – this sweet, intoxicating abyss
has unmoored me.

it’s a maddening thing my love when i cannot have you- and you not me.

what’s it to you? if i love the way you smell or write a line or two-
-about the forbidden things i’d really like to do-
with you.

for right now, these are only words laden with enticing promises,
when my wings are clipped and the ground is all i thread,
and all i see is the dust that rises before me,
i fly. i taste freedom drip by drip by drip-through these thoughts that leave my mind.

so please don’t hold me responsible,
for all the destruction in my wake-
in you, in me, in all of us.
i’m just remembering-
the day i left our worlds behind.

© Tsion B., 2014


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