i miss you

i miss you
strings on my head suspend me from the skies
with each shattering thud of my heart
a drop with a curse and a hallelujah
a spectacular fall
silent like a seed from a tree.

in hiding, in loneliness, in sweet sleepless dreams.

i see you…i know you inside out…
we share the atmosphere common to souls like you and i.

a word here, a word there, a word a year ago –
a week ago, a kiss ago
on the backyard behind the falling shed in knee high grass
they come to me with the butterflies on my potflowers and tadpoles in the pond.

i tell myself i cannot spare the time,
i’m bound with care and anxious with duties
fearful…i am where i do not belong!
am i not brave?
i cannot stop and marvel at my loss…
i have not a minute for regret, for tears.

but you know, as i do,
in secret behind closed doors,
i take them out.
like jewels i keep for special days
i try them on, i play dress up…
and feel like i’ve come home.

i miss you…
i miss every moment…
dreamt, done, undone,

i miss you,
with each thud of my shattered heart.

© Tsion B., 2015


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