things i lost in a dream

lock away this passage
lock it please, i’m begging you
and throw away the key
in the depth of things, in the depth of cells
where i cannot find it
make sure i will not find it.

i am a child
i hold things in my dreams and wake up crying
thinking i have lost them
thinking, i’ll never get them back.

i burst through the invisible things
fighting to bury me
into your arms again, now, again
i am happiness
into your arms.

i am the butterfly on that flower,
trusting, resting, restless.
i see every breath from the leaves,
and the earth.

and now i’m here
between things i have lost in a dream
weeping, broken, breaking.

please throw away the key
make sure i can’t find it.

© Tsion B., 2015


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