the dream calls for me

sometimes my heart wants to dance.
out of my chest, into the world
when the dream calls for me.

i walk away to the ancient woods
the spongy decay of fallen leaves meet my aching back
i dare the sun to find me.
i close my eyes open my soul
my life passes fleetingly with the struggling mist.

orange groves banana trees
creepers and lemongrass
the distance between me and the clouds
is a fig tree
but I forget that
like I forget the power a name has.

it all seems possible now
like lifting up my groggy hands to touch the spider web that lies above my head
ever so softly
it almost feels like i’ve touched an empty space.

do you know how you can catch a thought?
like you can catch a fly, or dust, or cold?
open your mouth
stick out your tongue
and wait…
for a drop of water from a dusty withered leaf
and run away with it.
back to the warmth, back to the dream
back to the stretched out hands.

this is my redemption,
from where I lie to the other tree
the one with peeling bark and moss covered hands
from here to there my eyes open
and I travel back home
where love
is the only option.

© Tsion B., 2016


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